Ranil says dedicated to protecting Constitution


Although the concerns of the public should be attended to, one should act within the limits of the Constitution and should not violate it, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday (11), adding that he is dedicated to protecting the Constitution.

In a video statement, Wickremesinghe spoke about the arson attack on his private residence on 9 July and how the political instability in the country should be resolved.

“I accepted the Prime Minister post because the people are suffering. We have to work hard to resolve the economic crisis. It would take at least one year to bring some stability. The process to obtain International Monetary Fund (IMF) support could also take up to four years,” he said.

The country needs an All-Party Interim Government. Everyone has to work for that. At the same time, the Government should work within the constitutional framework and no one can go beyond it or dictate to Parliament, the PM said.

Speaking on the arson attack on his private residence, Wickremesinghe alleged that it was conducted by a group of people who follow Hitler’s philosophy.

“I was informed by the Police that some protesters could come in front of my home and stage a demonstration while going back from the protest near President’s House and Presidential Secretariat. So, after having a virtual meeting with Party Leaders I left the house with my wife. It was the only house I had in both Sri Lanka and abroad. Now it is completely destroyed,” he said.

The PM alleged that the provocation to attack his house took place following a false message which ran on social media.

“The most valuable thing I had was my library. There were many rare books including which were written on the Portuguese and Dutch era in Sri Lanka. All these books except for one has been burnt. Also, there were several valuable paintings done by the British soon after they occupied Sri Lanka. There was one painting of King Wimaladharasuriya meeting a Dutch Ambassador. Maithree and I had decided to handover those books and paintings to Royal College, Peradeniya University and other institutions,” he said.

By Methmalie Dissanayake