Litro begins gas distribution


Litro Gas Lanka Chairman Muditha Pieris said 30,000 cylinders of Litro gas were distributed in Colombo yesterday (11), and 120,000 cylinders (12.5kg) will be distributed throughout the country today (12).

He told the media that 80,000 12.5 kg cylinders, 20,000 5kg cylinders, and another 20,000 2.3kg cylinders will be distributed today as promised.

The distribution will begin today and another 20,000 MT of LP Gas shipment will arrive from the Maldives. Another four gas shipments will arrive in the country after 20 July.

As a result, gas will be delivered on 20, 22, 24, 29, and 31 July.

He said that with the receipt of continuous gas shipments, the country’s current gas shortage will be addressed by 31 July.

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd has announced that the maximum retail price of a 12.5 Kg domestic gas cylinder in Colombo is now
Rs. 4,910, and urged customers not to purchase LP gas at higher prices or from third parties.

It also requested that consumers present their May electricity bills as proof of identity when purchasing gas in order to avoid unnecessary stockpiling.

The company also said that information about the distribution centres will be made public via social media and the Litro Lanka website.

The coordination for the LP Gas distribution, on the other hand, will take place with the assistance of the Police and the Police Special Task Force.

The distribution of LP gas cylinders resumed yesterday and gas will be distributed today to consumers in Colombo and the suburbs. Distribution for the other regions will begin tomorrow (13) onwards.

According to the Presidential Secretariat communiqué, a ship carrying 3,700MT of LP Gas arrived on 10 July and distribution is to begin immediately.

A second shipment of 3,740MT of LP Gas was scheduled to arrive yesterday (11).

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa directed officials to expedite gas unloading and distribution after the first ship arrived in Kerawalapitiya at 3 p.m.

A third ship carrying 3,200MT of LP Gas is expected to arrive in the country on 15 July, while the total amount of LP Gas ordered for this month is 33,000MT. (TR)

By Thameenah Razeek