It’s all good now for Bieber


A thud against the front door and the latch goes down, the door flies open and a big brown dog walks into the living room of my sister’s flat. He is not my sister’s dog but a neighbour’s dog who has decided that my sister’s place is one of his foster homes.

If he is not successful in opening the front door he goes to the back of the apartment and knocks on my sister’s garage gate to be let in. If he succeeds in getting in from the front door, he lies down and stretches out right under the fan to cool himself on a hot sunny day. He doesn’t mind my sister’s two cats, but chases any other stray cats he sees.    

His name is Bieber – better known as Deebar in the neighbourhood. People in the neighbourhood thought his name was Deebar and he was referred to by that name, until it was found out that his name is Bieber. He was named Bieber after the famous singer Justin Bieber.

At the start Bieber didn’t have a very good life. His owners who lived close to my sister’s apartment didn’t take care of him very well. When they left home in the morning Bieber was let out of the house and had to find his food and water. He stayed at my sister’s place or on the road until his cruel heartless owners returned. In the evening when they returned and Bieber hears the sound of the gate opening he goes running and gets into the house.

Then came a time when Bieber was so upset that he didn’t go home, he used to stay on the road throughout the night. He lost weight and looked quite stressed and miserable. He was never given a bath and had ticks on his body and looked more like a street dog than a house dog. The neighbours were sympathetic and concerned about this lovable dog and made sure he was not harmed or run over by vehicles.      

But despite having cruel owners Bieber was a friendly lovable dog and won the hearts of the people in the nearby houses. So the neighbours took it upon themselves to feed Bieber and take care of him – something his owners should have done. At first Bieber ate only chicken but then he got used to eating fish and rice. Due to an accident that happened many years ago Bieber lost his tail. But that hasn’t stopped him from doing what he likes to do like all other dogs.

Beiber loves getting into trishaws and has on many occasions tried to get into my trishaw, when I go to visit my sister. The moment he hears the sound of a trishaw he comes running down the road and the next thing you know, half of his body is inside the trishaw. While some trishaw drivers were alarmed at this large dog trying to get into their three wheelers, others found it quite funny.     

Then came the day when Bieber’s cruel owners decided to leave their home and left Bieber behind. Dogs they say are faithful animals and like most other dogs Bieber was very upset that his owners had left him behind – even though they were not the best of owners. But the neighbours continued to take care of Bieber including my sister who gave him food and water.  

Then all of a sudden Bieber’s life changed for the better. He got new owners who happened to be genuine animal lovers. These people took care of Bieber very well and he finally got the treatment that any house dog should have. He was given a bath regularly, fed well and always had a shining clean brown coat minus the ticks whenever I saw him (when visiting my sister).  

He looked much happier and even had a collar round his neck. This time round when his new owners open the gate to leave for work, Bieber is not kicked out of the house but escapes because he wants to roam around and go and see his neighbours who took care of him during his hard time.   

On some days Bieber stays at my sister’s until his new owners come home. When his new owners return they toot the horn and that is the sign that Bieber waits for every evening. The sound of the horn and Bieber gets up and starts whining as if to say let me go. My sister opens the door and down the road he goes.  

By Risidra Mendis