Indian urea passes chemical test


The chemical reports from three international laboratories have confirmed that the stock of urea that arrived in the country on 10 July, under the Indian credit line has an acceptable percentage of biuret making it suitable for use, the Ministry of Agriculture stated.

The Ministry noted the National Fertiliser Secretariat has also issued a standard certificate and that steps have been taken to distribute the fertiliser to farmers from today (12), as it is unloaded.

Meanwhile, environmentalist Dr. Ajantha Perera observed that the Agriculture Research Station should also inspect the quality of the fertiliser while adding that the fertiliser should only be used for relevant crops they are manufactured for and not for any other crops.

She added all stocks of fertiliser should be subjected to a thorough inspection and quality check even though there is an urgent need due to the food crisis, adding that the primary focus should be on supplying fertiliser for paddy cultivation.

Distribution of the stock of 44,000 MT of urea fertiliser received from India will take place under the supervision of the Ministry while the lorries transported to the agrarian service centres are also monitored using GPS technology.

BY Faadhila Thassim