Health professionals allege attempt to suppress struggle


The Academy of Health Professionals (AHP) alleged that delay in taking remedial constitutional measures was a way to suppress the struggle. In a letter to Speaker, Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, AHP President, Ravi Kumudesh yesterday (11), alleged that trade unions had received unofficial information to the effect that the military was taking action to evacuate the protesters from the protest site and related locations by force.

Kumudesh also alleges in the letter that there does not seem to be much of an effort being made by the Speaker to avoid such a calamity.

“Such an action would be the beginning of the worst tragedy to befall Sri Lanka,” he warned alleging that although they expected the political leadership to avoid such a situation, it was not forthcoming on the part of the Speaker. In the letter, which was copied to all Party Leaders and Members of Parliament, the AHP President appealed for the prompt intervention of the Speaker in fulfilling several factors in order to prevent the country from being pushed into a greater disaster situation. He called on the Speaker to convene Parliament immediately and assume duties of the President for a short period of time till an Interim President was elected by Parliament. “Take all constitutional measures to hand over power to a Prime Minister with majority support in Parliament and an Interim Government inclusive of all-parties,” he urged. 

Kumudesh requested the Speaker to formulate a time-bound roadmap for the Interim Government to resolve critical economic issues and restore normalcy until the General Elections.

“We hope that you will promptly fulfil the constitutional responsibility vested in you and fulfil the above functions,” he said pointing out that providing a weak leadership would only result in heightening the danger in the current situation.