Top Five Picks with Glamour


In fashion, models are the face behind the brand. The women who walk the runway have the power to inspire editors, buyers, and fashion lovers to covet a particular piece. The modelling industry is highly competitive, and making it big as a top model is no easy task.

In today’s world, the model has a greater voice and presence than ever. As a street style icon, role model, and activist, she has the power to challenge conventions and connect to social media audiences on a massive scale.

Roshni De Bond is an entrepreneur. She owns and co-owns two businesses in the food industry. The multi-faceted Roshni is also a dancer, stage performer, artist, chorister, model and voice artist. She loves the outdoors, travelling, cooking and enjoys art. She is a massive animal lover and currently has 5 adopted pets; 2 dogs and 3 cats.  

Her sense of style can be described as sleek with an edge of glam. She is always elegant and sophisticated with her outfit choices. She models for numerous top brands.

Describe your sense of style?

I love sleek and minimal looks, and occasionally go for simple prints, but on the whole, I prefer solid colours, favouring neutral and earthy tones. My wardrobe consists of a lot of black, dark blue, grey, khaki, nude and white; though I recently started introducing a bit more colour into my wardrobe.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me as a form of self-expression means looking stylish but also feeling good and comfortable in what I wear. So practicality, comfort and cut play a big role in my clothing choices. I rarely conform to trends, preferring to go with more timeless, classic styles and sleek silhouettes. 

We asked Roshni her top five styling tips?

– Opt for clothes that suit your proportions and make you feel good yet comfortable

– A few classic wardrobe staples always come in handy, especially if you are in a rush and need a quick change.  My options are a black dress, oversized white shirt, or tailored pants and tops. Accessorise with a belt or jewellery and you’re good to go 

– Make sure high heels are comfortable, and also invest in some good flats 

– In my opinion, with jewellery, less is more. So I opt for a simple pair of earrings, a chain or ring. But this is entirely subjective so choose what accessorises your outfit best 

– Experiment with different textures and colours. Identify what you feel best in and explore your individuality. As we constantly grow and evolve, so do our style choices 

By Shafiya Nawzer