Suit Style


The suit may be something we inherited from colonial control, but it has undeniably become a necessity for every modern man, and let’s accept it, suits are fun and feel amazing to wear. Although you have to be trying really hard to make a suit look bad on someone, which is why it’s important to understand the fundamentals of wearing a suit, and its many styles to match your taste.

Bespoke v off the rack

A bespoke suit is one that’s made (often by a master tailor) specifically for you, with your personal measurements and requests taken into account, while a suit that’s ‘off the rack,’ is one you’d buy from a clothing store. Usually, obtaining a bespoke suit would be really expensive, but fortunately, in Sri Lanka, there are plenty of talented and skilled tailors who can give you a bespoke experience, without breaking the bank. The quality offered on ‘off the rack’ options in
Sri Lanka is not worth it.

There’s also a valid reason for owning a bespoke suit. The fit, style, and pattern could all be customised to your choosing, giving a more flattering suit.

The right fit

Whether you’re going bespoke or not, having the right fit will be key to making or breaking the look of your suit. The last thing you want to look like is someone wearing a sack on themselves. Slim-fit suits hug the contours of the body but aren’t tight enough to prevent you from breathing comfortably. But if a slim fit isn’t what you’re looking for, consider a modern-fitted suit. These still hug the form of the body, but still, allow more room.

This doesn’t mean that the classic suit fit is bad though. Even if it isn’t as flattering if you have a great physique, there’s a reason why it’s a classic and remains a timeless fit that works well for anyone.

A good rule of thumb to remember is to ensure the suit sleeves extend only to the bones of the wrist, that way a portion of the shirt cuff can peek out, adding that contrast and classy look.

Double v single breasted

Single-breasted suits are the more common option and are what you would see almost everyone wear. It’s simple in design and is very flattering to the male physique. But don’t rule out the double-breasted suit either. It stands out, is considered more formal, makes a statement, and brings individuality to what you’re wearing. If you have the luxury of owning two suits, have a double-breasted one for some spice in your suit life.

One crucial thing you’ll have to remember is the buttons of your suit. More often than not, the suit you’re wearing will have two buttons down the middle. Just remember that the lower button always remains open. Instead, button up the top one when standing, and unbutton it when sitting for the best look. If you’re going double-breasted, then keep all buttons fastened at all times.

Padded, or not?

Most suits come with some form of padding to help accentuate the male physique and are welcome for those who may not have the broadest of shoulders. That doesn’t mean that you should go overkill though. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with opting out of padding either. Some European styles are reported to sport suits with thin or no padding. These are considered more casual, but the rules have changed over time.

Conform or rebel

While the above are the basics of suit-wearing to have their best appeal, there are many other things that you could be aware of, including the choices of colour, the lapel size, the pockets, which shirts to wear and more, and it’s great to follow them simply because of how elegant the final look is.

But if you want to take some risks, and express yourself a little more, then don’t be afraid to do so as long as the appropriate occasion arises. Exercise your wisdom if you’re considering walking into a job interview or important business meeting wearing your favourite tee, sneakers and suit jacket. That is a privilege you’ll have to earn, and aspire to do so.

Even so, there will arise situations where you can take those bold choices and not receive judging glances. You’ll have to be smart when doing that of course, and pick the right occasion. But if you are worried that it won’t work, take a look at some modern style examples from international magazines, it works. Hopefully, this all helps you in improving your suit-game, and helping bring out the best look for you, to help you feel great, and look absolutely amazing as well. 

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage