Redistribute wealth acquired through capitalism


The resources created through capitalism in the country should be fairly distributed to everyone through socialism, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said, adding that neo-liberalism and socialism are not suitable for Sri Lanka.

“Neo-liberalism and socialism both are not possible. The resources created through capitalism should be fairly distributed to everyone through socialism,” he said.

He said crony capitalism will have no place in a government run by his party and multinational companies will not be given the opportunity to trample the working class and humanitarian capitalism works for everyone.

Premadasa, citing the World Food Programme (WFP) statement that one out of three families in the country is food insecure and 6.2 million persons cannot get nutritious food, slammed the Government, saying that the latter is still deceiving the people.

He was speaking at a discussion with various parties at the Opposition Leader’s Office.

Speaking further, Premadasa said the Government has deceived the people at every turn and due to that deception, the country is presently facing a huge crisis. “However, the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) is a party which walks the talk,” he added.

“The Opposition has never deceived the people and has done a lot of work for the people under the ‘Husma’ programme. This government has even deceived farmers. Due to the fertiliser shortage, the yield of Maha Season has decreased by 50 per cent and the yield of Yala Season has also decreased. The Government has even cheated international organisations that help the country. They have cheated even the rural and urban people and they should own up,” he further said.

Commenting on the ‘Aragalaya,’ Premadasa said the Aragalaya should be carried out for the achievement of economic, social, and political goals, and there should be an understanding of an alternative and a future goal.

By Nabiya Vaffoor