Luzzie and his five friends


Once upon a time, there lived a Rabbit named Luzzie. He had five friends they are Charlie , Scraffy , Brownie , Pixy and Clovi are the five friends of Luzzie. The special thing is Charlie is a rat, Scraffy is a cat, Brownie is a dog , Pixy is a Rabbit and Clovi is a goat. However these five friends are always together, they never get angry they never fight and so on.

Once when they were walking in the street they saw one person was stealing from a shop some jewellery items. But when these five friends saw this Luzzie said, “We should stop that person stealing Charlie you go from the back we four will go from the side”. Then Charlie went from the back and others went from the side. Then quickly Luzzie and other four jumped from the front Charlie bit the leg of the thief and the thief fell down and almost all people in the street came and caught the thief and gave the thief to police. For these five friends they gave enough food for months and gave an appreciation note too.

By Lalasha Rupasinghe