Legal draft held back for a year – NTC


The draft of the relevant law regulating three-wheelers has been held back at the Legal Draftsman’s Department for over a year, Director General of the National Transport Commission, Dr. Nilan Miranda said.

He said several irregularities have been observed in the operation of three-wheelers in line with the fuel crisis adding however that due to the delay at the Legal Draftsman’s Department, the amendments required to regulate three-wheelers have also been delayed.

While noting that Provincial Councils are vested with the authority to regulate the prices and standard of three-wheelers, he added the amendments seek to regulate not just three-wheelers but also office and school vehicles.

President of the All Ceylon Three-Wheeler Drivers’ Association, Lalith Dharmasekera, also requested to make relevant amendments to regulate three-wheelers to provide an improved service.

Dharmasekera stated that although persistent requests have been made, authorities have turned a blind eye.

The All Ceylon School Children Transport Service Association however opposed this move observing that it would not in any manner benefit them.

By Mithun Jayawardena