Embezzlement Attempt Thwarted


Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera has been compelled to withdraw a Cabinet Paper, following a revelation about an attempt to loot money through fertiliser imports has come to light following the intervention of the audit unit of the Ministry, Ceylon Today reliably learns.

The audit unit has revealed to the Minister that the Cabinet Paper drafted by an additional secretary with the approval of the Ministry’s pricing committee contained two provisions that have been tactically included, specifically to loot money.

The audit unit also elaborated on the impact that could have followed if the Cabinet Paper was approved while noting that it would also justify similar frauds committed previously, for instance the alleged scam of Rs 952 million while importing fertiliser during the 52-day Government in 2018.

The Minister instructed the Secretary to the Ministry to investigate the incident and submit a report along with information on whether any official has gained commissions through the import of fertiliser.

He also called for a special audit report on instances of foul play during fertiliser importation.

By Vineetha M. Gamage


  1. That is how it is played. Appoint a snake committee, get a thumping huge report after years of meandering by the incompetent political appointees who will be in that circus and then sit on it until the minister or the government changes and then lose it before the next crowd takes over.
    It has worked well every time. Will do so this time also.

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