‘There is nothing in the law called a police curfew’ – Sumanthiran


Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M.A. Sumanthiran has revealed that there is no law in Sri Lanka that provides for or allows the imposition of anything called a ‘police curfew’.

Taking to social media, the Opposition MP stated that “There is nothing called a Police Curfew in terms of the law.”

“This action has been resorted to by the Government to discourage and stop people from coming to the protests tomorrow, therefore I want to make it clear to all citizens that there is nothing legal about imposing a so-called police curfew. There is nothing in the law called a police curfew.”, he said in this regard.

Attorney-at-Law Viran Corea further noted that any action taken to prohibit the freedom of movement, and thereby the right to peacefully protest, on such a non-existent basis is illegal, amounting to the denial of citizens’ fundamental rights.

A police curfew was declared at 09:00 PM today (08), in Nugegoda, Mt. Lavinia, Kelaniya and Negombo and the North, South and Central divisions of Colombo.

The directive was issued hours ahead of the mass anti-government protests scheduled to take place tomorrow (09).