JVP lodges complaint at CID


Attorney-at-Law Sunil Watagala filed a complaint at the Criminal Investigation Department on behalf of the JVP yesterday (7).

The complaint was regarding a video circulating on social media instructing JVP party members to join a protest with a petrol bomb on 9 July.

The complaint was filed through a letter to the CID Director.

The letter said, “It is clear that it was done with the intention of creating a conflict or creating displeasure between the party and the public. Further, it is confirmed that the individual or the group behind the video intends to further their private political agendas by creating these videos.”

He also requested the department to launch investigations and take prompt action against the relevant parties, as the video is a threat to citizens.

A transcript of the fake video was also attached to the above complaint letter.

By Aloka Kasturiarachchi