Stylish Garments unveils latest export-oriented BOI factory in Ambalangoda


Showcasing the extent to which the Board of Investment (BOI) is widening its projects, Stylish Garments (Pvt) Ltd, unveiled its sixth BOI approved factory in Ambalangoda which manufactures children’s  wear jerseys including school uniforms targeting only the international market.

Stylish  Garments is a renowned garment manufacturer and exporter of jersey knit and light woven  apparel products. 

The latest project, which is a USD 3.5 million investment, is to generate 500 employment opportunities for people living in the South and other parts of the country. Moreover, the products are slated to be exported to the UK and Europe.  

The agreement in this regard was signed recently at the BOI Head Office in the presence of BOI  Director General, Renuka M Weerakone. 

Remarking on the project, Weerakone said, “A project of this  nature should be recognised owing to the fact that it depicts the vibrant and vivid expansion of  BOI projects, which has now started to reach rural areas,”  

“Besides, the new venture will uplift the livelihood of the people living in the Ambalangoda area  plus become a crucial source of dollars to the country in a situation where the country is  in dire need of dollars,” she underscored. 

Meanwhile, Founder and incumbent Chairman of Stylish Garments (Pvt) Ltd,  Leelaratne  Hattanarachchi said he was determined to launch new projects irrespective  of the present challenges because such new projects would bring dollars to the country,” “That’s the very reason why I ventured to start operations at this new factory by turning the  advantage of this crisis to ourselves,” Hatanarachchi said. 

“At the same time, we do appreciate the support rendered by the BOI at this critical juncture and look forward to their support in the future too,” he added