CTU to march in protest today


The Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) has organised a protest march today (7) with the participation of teachers, principals, and parents under the theme ‘Protect children’s right to education.’

CTU General Secretary, Joseph Stalin, speaking to Ceylon Today said the children’s right to education is being seriously violated due to the arbitrary decisions of the Government and added that their protests will continue until the President and this incompetent government go home.

“Despite the deceiving predictions that the fuel ships would arrive, the children have to stay at home. The Government has failed to implement an alternative method to carry out the educational activities of children, which are being hampered day by day,” he added.

“Continuously closing schools will cause problems in covering the syllabus,” he warned

Stalin said children’s educational activities have already been hampered by the pandemic and the misconduct of the Government is adding insult to injury.

By Nabiya Vaffoor