Tri-Forces, Police must safeguard public – Amaraweera


Co-Cabinet Spokesman Mahinda Amaraweera said, the Tri-Forces, as well as the Police, were using their powers to protect the people and not to endanger the public. However, he said there have been reports of Security Officers on duty being attacked at fuel stations and that such incidents must be fully investigated.

He also noted that if incidents at fuel stations escalate, it could lead to a catastrophic situation putting thousands of people in danger.

When asked about the videos circulating of Security Forces assaulting the public in fuel lines, he denied the reports and rumours, saying that the Government was not aiding or condoning such violence, but that the Tri Forces and Police are responsible to ensure the safety of the public and also public property.

He said, there was a need to record everything. “Action must be taken against officials if they are found to be acting against orders. Organised groups and underworld gangs have taken over filling stations. Despite a fuel shortage, large stocks of fuel are being found in various locations. Videos circulating on social media only depict one side while attacks on Security Forces have not been documented,” he said.

By Thameenah Razeek