Sysco LABS kick off ‘Project Summit’  


To facilitate continuous learning across the organisation and inspiring a new generation of future-ready Engineers, Sysco LABS Sri Lanka recently launched ‘Project Summit’ – a programme developed to encourage future engineering leaders, a spokesman said.

Sysco LABS Project Summit acts as a platform focused on facilitating accelerated growth for new recruits straight from university, enabling them to execute new tech concepts classified under ‘4th industrial revolution tech’ (4IR). Developing the right skills to address the digital revolution ahead, participants will receive exposure and mentorship on 4IR concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Immersive Technology, and Internet of Things. Sysco LABS is investing in the workforce of the future and this focus on the 4IR landscape will help University graduates to unleash their potential and build solutions for the future, he added.

Further, cultivating a mindset of continuous improvement across the organization, the programme’s secondary objectives are to expose participants to an innovation-based engineering culture, while also allowing them to enhance their knowledge of the business domain, as well as best practices in architecture, project management, and delivery process, the spokesman said.