Reopen KKS Harbour – Devananda


Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda yesterday (5) urged the Government to reopen the Kankesanthurai Harbour for commercial operations to expedite humanitarian aid including fuel provided by the Indian government to Sri Lanka.

Minister Devananda said, “At a time when the country is confronted with a severe economic crisis, the Indian government is helping us in various ways including providing essential commodities as well as fuel and kerosene oil. There is a need to bring them to the country immediately”.

Devananda also lamented that the prevailing fuel crisis has severely impacted the transportation of essential food items donated by the Indian government to be distributed among the people in  distant areas of the country.

The Fisheries Minister said, “Today many people of this country are facing economic difficulties. Without taking narrow political advantage all representatives of the people must work in collaboration to ensure the restoration of ordinary life to those impacted by the economic crisis. Quick access must be followed to provide essential commodities to the people”.

Then essential commodities donated by India could be easily transported to the Northern and North-Central Provinces without delay,  he said.

By Naalir Jamaldeen