Private bus operators limit services


Private bus operators claim the bus service is hampered since they weren’t provided the allocated amount of fuel they were supposed to be given by the Ceylon Petroleum Cooperation (CPC).

Speaking to Ceylon Today, Chairman of the Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association Gemunu Wijeratne said only 100,000 litres of diesel was distributed among the private buses even 600,000 is the limit.

“After spending three days in the queue, private busses only get 40 liters of diesel which isn’t enough. Only 1,000 private buses were in operation on 3 July across Sri Lanka and less than 1,000 buses functioned yesterday (4),” he added.

Wijeratne commented that people have stopped using their private vehicles and have switched to busses for transportation.

“Even three-wheeler industries have fallen apart, whereas patients are also finding it difficult to seek medical attention,” he added.

Wijeratne recalled that the CPC has failed to release adequate amounts of diesel for buses to operate since they have run out of reserves.

By Nabiya Vaffoor