Court orders documents be released to SLLRDC


The Colombo High Court Trial-at-Bar, on Monday (4), ordered the documents that had been filed as evidence, in the case pertaining to the misappropriation of a sum of Rs 33.9 million over the construction of the D. A. Rajapaksa Memorial Museum at Medamulana, Hambantota, to be released, under the proviso of taking it back, on account of the defendants, including current President and former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, being freed from the Trial.

The case was convened before a High Court Bench, comprising Judges Champa Rajaratne and Namal Balalle.

The State Counsel informed the Court, that several documents, possessed by the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLRDC) have been submitted as evidence.

He stated that as the case has already been concluded and as the defendants have also been released from the trial, the documents in question should be returned to the SLLRDC.

At that point the Court inquired as to how the documents in question should be produced in Court, if by any chance the prosecution were to re-file the lawsuit against the defendants.

The Court stated that the defendants have been released from the case, under the condition of refiling the case against them.

Later, the State Counsel urged the Bench to issue an order for the release of the documents, under the condition of resubmitting the dossier back to Court.

The Bench then ordered the documents to be released to the SLLRDC, under the proviso of handing them over to Court, at any moment when ordered to do so.

The Attorney General had indicted seven accused, before the High Court on charges of the misappropriating the said sum, belonging to the SLLRDC, over the construction of the said Museum at Weeraketiya, Medamulana, from 3 September 2013 up to 2 February 2015.

The incumbent President had been named as the first accused in the trial, but in the wake of him being elected as the President, he was ordered to be released from the trial by the High Court.

The rest of the accused in the case, were ordered to be released by the Court on 2 July last year. 

By Hansi Nanayakkara