Suspect killed in shootout with Police


The main suspect in the recent twin murders at Bastian Mawatha in Colombo was shot dead by Police during a shootout at Bemmulla yesterday morning (4).

According to Police, the suspect who died in the exchange of gunfire was a member of an organised criminal gang and is considered to be a main accomplice of well-known underworld figure Sanjeewa Samararatne alias ‘Ganemulla Sanjeewa’.

Police said the suspect had fled on a motorcycle when Police had attempted to apprehend him and the police had given chase.

He had then stopped the motorcycle and opened fire at the officers with a T56 firearm while the Police had then returned fire, resulting in the death of the suspect.

The deceased has been identified as Vithanage Joseph, a 41-year-old and a resident of Elpitiya.

He is believed to be the main suspect in the shooting incident near the Bastian Mawatha bus stand in Pettah on 30 May which had claimed the lives of two youth.

By SahanTennekoon