Rajapaksa family – the biggest obstacle standing in the way of Sri Lanka’s recovery


Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has accused the Rajapaksa family of acting as the biggest obstacle standing in the way of Sri Lanka’s recovery from its ongoing crisis.

Issuing a special statement in this regard, Cardinal Ranjith stated that the fact that the Rajapaksa family continues to remain in power, despite several demands, made both locally and globally, that this administration be ousted, is drastically hindering the country.

Blaming the entire crisis on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the decisions made during the Rajapaksa regime, the Cardinal urged that they take responsibility for their actions, and resign from their respective posts.

“Take responsibility for the state the country has fallen to, do not let the people suffer anymore. Resign from your posts, and hand over the future of the country to its people”, the statement read in this regard.

He suggested that an Interim Government be established, one that would solve the ongoing crisis with the aid of expert advice, and one that would be accepted by all.

Cardinal Ranjith further urged politicians belonging to the Opposition to refrain from using the current political and economic crisis to benefit their own personal agendas and politics, and to instead take measures towards saving the country and its people.

Attached below is the full statement: