President a no show – Wimal


Independent MP Wimal Weerawansa queried yesterday (4) as to why President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is nowhere to be seen as the economic crisis in the country is worsening by the day.

Speaking in Parliament, Weerawansa said even though the country has a President; he is nowhere to be seen. A solution for the crises that burdened the public is nowhere to be seen either, he stressed.

“Parliament Sittings are being held while a chaotic situation is gripping the country. The people are in self-declared curfew because they cannot get about due to the fuel crisis. In such a situation, neither the Prime Minister nor the Energy Minister is present in the Chamber. There is a President in the country as well, but he is nowhere to be seen. The people are suffering and a solution for their agitations is nowhere to be seen either,” he said.

Speaking further, Weerawansa claimed the international community has lost faith in the present administration.

“All parties need to get together and reach common ground to solve these crises. What we are doing today is like playing tennis on a volcano which is about to erupt,” he added.

BY Methmalie Dissanayake