Govt trying to suppress protest news – Social media activists


Two social media activists, who are currently engaged in the GotaGoHome protests, had been summoned before the CID yesterday (4).

Activist Dilan Senanayake claimed that the government is trying to silence social media activists to prevent information about the Occupy Galle Face protests from reaching the public.

He said this yesterday (4) after giving a statement to the CID.

“I was interrogated for three and a half hours about a complaint made by a person whose name I mentioned in a Facebook live, about the people’s struggle. The Government continues to suppress social media activists in this manner to prevent accurate information from reaching the public. This administration must be held accountable for this devastation. I believe we will be summoned to the CID again but the Government cannot stop us by doing these things,” he said.

Meanwhile, social media activist Anuruddha Bandara was summoned to the CID. He stated that he had been summoned to record a statement regarding a video he had posted on social media about the massive public protest scheduled for 9 July.

By SahanTennekoon