Do you love your home?


We should love our homes and often we are so hard on ourselves and the houses we call home! Often we don’t love our homes the way we should. And we feel guilty and bad about feeling this way.

Let’s talk frankly about our homes! Do you LOVE your home? Most people would say ‘sometimes’ and some ‘no’ but very few would probably say ‘yes’. Is this really how you want to feel about your home?

Most of us have many things in our home that bring us joy and gratitude and a feeling of love for our homes but for some reason, we fuss about what we don’t have or don’t like or what we want to update and do over! Let’s learn some ways to love the home we live in right now!

Stop comparing

I must admit I can get very caught up in ‘house dissatisfaction’. Especially because I work and live much of my day in the land of home decor and blogging. I sometimes forget to be, ‘inspired’ by the beautiful homes I see and not to get stuck in that horrid pit of comparison!  Believe me, nothing will make us be unhappy in our homes like the greedy comparison-demon! “I wish my home looked like… “I’d love to have…” “I hate my home because…” “My home will NEVER…”

We need to lovethe fact that we have a home… bought, borrowed or rented. Big, small or in between. Builder’s grade or custom made. Cosy or grand.New or old.

Start being grateful

There is not one single thing that will allow you to love the home you have like the simple act of being grateful that you have a home! Gratitude for our homes can open our eyes up to the joys of home-keeping and puttering and making a house a home. It lets us see our home for the amazing gift it is… warts and all! And it stops the evils of comparison dead in its tracks!

Be inspired

Closing the door of comparison opens another door. The door of inspiration! Run, don’t walk, through this door! Let your mind be inspired by the beauty of other homes and designs and decor. See the possibilities and the creativity in other’s beautiful homes and decor and let that inspire you to make small changes in your own! Inspiration is not envious or greedy or lustful!

Sometimes inspiration can be like drinking out of a fire hose! I know! I can get easily overwhelmed by the beauty and great ideas I find! We must learn to take it all in but be very selective about what we focus on.

Trying to find one little detail when I’m looking through a magazine or a blog or Pinterest that makes my heart sing and one thing that would be a blessing to my home helps me not to become overwhelmed by what I see.

I don’t necessarily have to buy what I see or change what I have but it opens my mind up to ‘possibilities’. Be thankful for inspiration and beauty wherever you find it!

Keep a clean a tidy home

This is the best way to love your home! Clean your home! Purging, cleaning and getting your home in order makes us feel better about our homes and our lives!

My home can have pockets of big messes especially since I have started blogging. I’m always schlepping things up and down and here and there for a photo shoot! And photo shoots can make my home very messy!

Commit to spending time each day to tidy up and clean your home. Don’t let things unravel and get out of hand. Do a little every day… and do it with a good and grateful attitude.

If your home is more than a little untidy, pick a room and begin there! You will feel so much better and accomplished when you can see progress towards a well kept home.

It takes effort and energy but it will also make living in your home so much easier and comfortable! Make rituals, like cleaning, more enjoyable by visualising how nice the home you have will look and feel when you are done! Focus on the good things and not the drudgery. It’s all about attitude!

Upscale what you have

There is certainly a time to update and buy new things for our home but why not take a look at what we have first? Can a piece we once loved be upcycled with a coat of paint or a slipcover?

Can we have it reupholstered or reworked to become something entirely new?

For me, this is the creative process that inspires me and makes me love the home I have! Putting sweat equity and time into things that go into my home is very important! I don’t need expensive things that are the best. I do need pieces lovingly worked into treasured items in my home.


By Yvonne