A 37-year-old father of two staged a protest displaying posters on the main road of Hemmathagama town on the afternoon of 3 July claiming that he has no means of supporting his family and is unable to sustain them due to the steep rise in prices of essentials.

He wept in public exhibiting his grievance in public before the officers from the Hemmathagama Police Station intervened to help him.

The Police in conjunction with a group of businessmen of the Hemmathagama town and residents joined forces to collect a week’s worth of dry rations and delivered them to the house of the protester.

The protester was identified as B.M. Susantha Kumara, a resident of Siyambalawa area of the Hemmathagama Police Division.

The Police fearing for Kumara’s life due to oncoming traffic on the main road had advised him to conduct his protest on the side of the road to which he had complied. 

Kumara is a mason by profession and said that he has a daughter aged 7 and a son aged 13, whilst his spouse is unemployed.

He explained with tears in his eyes that he has not been able to find work due to the steep rise in prices of cement and that it had prompted him to carry out a protest as he could not bear to see his family starve to death.

He then profusely thanked the Police officers, residents of the town and businessmen for having provided him with dry rations and cash to make ends meet.

BY K. V. Bandara – Mawanella