LIOC dispatches more fuel bowsers


Lanka IOC started dispatching fuel bowsers from its Trincomalee Oil Terminal on 2 July. 

Managing Director of Lanka IOC, Manoj Gupta said, two consignments of both petrol and diesel are expected to arrive in Sri Lanka by the middle and end of July, with another consignment arriving in August.

He said each of the three shipments will include both diesel and petrol, with each vessel carrying 30,000 MT of fuel.

“Against the backdrop of the country’s worsening fuel shortage, we expanded our distribution activities, taking steps to distribute fuel to filling stations in Colombo and the surrounding areas,” he said.

Two consignments are scheduled to arrive on 13 and 14 July, as well as on 28 and 30 July, and another is scheduled to arrive between 10 and 15 August.

Last week, the CPC informed the Sri Lankan Government that fuel shipments would be delayed indefinitely due to banking and logistical issues, with existing stocks being prioritised for public transportation, power generation, and industries.

According to reports, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) fuel bowsers were also used in Lanka IOC’s fuel distribution process.

Due to the high demand for fuel in the country, Lanka IOC, a local unit of the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), also distributes fuel under restrictions of maximum value of fuel that can be obtained. Motorbikes can get fuel up to a maximum of Rs 1,500, three-wheelers up to Rs 2,500, and cars up to Rs 7,000 from Lanka IOC fuel stations.

By Thameenah Razeek