Japan grants USD 3M emergency aid through UNICEF, WFP


The Government of Japan (GoJ) recently decided to provide emergency grant aid of US$ three million through UNICEF and WFP to provide medicine and food to directly benefit the Sri Lankan people, The Japanese Embassy in Colombo on Saturday (2 July) said.

GoJ would like to consider its further contribution to Sri Lanka in consultation with the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and other developing partners, while giving attention to the situation of Sri Lanka and the negotiation progress between Sri Lanka and the IMF, it said. Japan is paying close attention to the current difficult economic situation in Sri Lanka and severe humanitarian situation as a result, the Embassy further said.

Japan, a time-tested partner in Sri Lanka’s socioeconomic development, has been supporting Sri Lanka and will continue to do its part in combining its efforts with the people and GoSL, the statement in conclusion said.