IOC fuel station in Palwehera temporarily closed


The owner of an IOC fuel station in the Palwehera area on the Dambulla-Habarana main road decided to temporarily close the fuel station at around 8.30 p.m. on 2 July due to an incident where seven employees and the manager were held hostage for approximately five hours.

The fuel station had received diesel on 2 July, and after it was delivered, a large number of people who had come to get petrol waited in line and asked the petrol station officer to issue tokens for them to obtain petrol.

When they said they could not issue tokens because they did not know when or how many days their fuel station would get fuel, three to four hundred people came and completely blocked the road in front of the fuel station as well as the entrance to the fuel station, preventing employees from leaving. The manager of the fuel station said he was virtually imprisoned.

Following the incident, the owner, D. A. Dhammika arrived at the fuel station at around 8:45 p.m. and reported it to Dambulla headquarters Police. Police teams then removed the people who had arrived at the location and ensured strict Police security at the station. Meanwhile, those who had come to get fuel were seen on the main road and continued to wait even at night.

BY K. K. Ariyadasa – Dambulla