Freshwater fishing promoted in Kilinochchi


Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda said, steps will be taken to promote freshwater fishing in the Kilinochchi District.

Devananda added that the project aims to involve fishermen’s family members and improve the economic and living conditions of the entire family.

The Minister said, the fish breeding pond, which was built at a cost of Rs 16.5 million in Pudukuduiruppu, Mullaitivu District, is successfully operating and more job opportunities will be created for the people in the region.

“There are a large number of low income families in the Kilinochchi District. The Fisheries Ministry will take steps to raise their economic and living conditions as much as possible,” Devananda said.

“I have instructed the officials of the Fisheries Department and other entities coming under the Fisheries Ministry to take necessary steps in this connection,” he said.

By Naalir Jamaldeen