10 fuel shipments expected in near future


Ten fuel shipments are expected to arrive in Sri Lanka in the near future, as well as a stock of 7,500 MT of diesel from Lanka IOC.

Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera said, the Government has already paid USD 11 million on 30 June for the purchase of 7,500 MT of diesel from Lanka IOC.

He told the Media yesterday (3) at the Ministry of Power and Energy that two diesel shipments of 40,000 MT each are expected to arrive between 8 and 14 July.

Meanwhile, two more fuel shipments of both petrol and diesel are expected to arrive on either 22 July or 23 July.

Prepayments have also been made to two other companies, and 40,000 MT of Auto Diesel is scheduled to arrive in the country from Vitol between 11 and 14 July. He said USD 28 million has been paid for this consignment, with another USD 49 million scheduled to be paid on 8 July.

In addition, the Minister said Sri Lankan authorities are in negotiations with a Malaysian company to import 50,000 MT of petrol in two shipments and 10,000 MT of kerosene by 10 or 11July.

“All necessary steps will be taken to provide fuel as soon as possible. On 15 July and 12 August, two ships carrying 135,000 MT of crude oil each are scheduled to arrive. Discussions are presently underway to obtain a shipment of fuel in the near future, and necessary documents have been provided to three new suppliers to facilitate this. Fuel from Malaysia is obtained through Petronas, but payments for the first two shipments are required. If the shipment from Malaysia does not arrive on 10 July, we are looking at alternative fuel sources,” he said.

By Thameenah Razeek