Long time ago there was a kingdom known to its lush green meadows, pretty flowers and alluring ponds filled with crystal clear water. This kingdom was the attractive kingdom of Glamoria. Glamoria was ruled by King Louis and Queen Tiana. They had a beautiful daughter by the name Alicia. By the name you may think that she is really humble, kind and generous. If so, you are greatly mistaken for she is naughty and always ill-treated others. This was a great problem for the parents. One day the King and the Queen had a discussion of this problem.

“Alicia is going to be the future queen. If she continues to be like this it will be a huge problem to the kingdom,” Queen said.

“Yes you are right. She’s nearly 12 now. If we don’t change her now it’ll be a problem. Let’s ask her fairy godmother for help. She may have a solution,” the King responded.

The Queen agreed. The fairy godmother was called.

“Fairy godmother please help us. Alicia is very naughty and illtreats others. She never speaks kindly and always laughs at others. We called you here to ask for a solution,” Queen Tiana said.

“Hmm. Okay, I will help you, dear Queen, Could you please call the princess,” the fairy godmother said.

The princess was called and fairy godmother spoke with her kindly.

“My dear princess, I have a surprise for you. Come with me,” she said.

The princess agreed. Fairy godmother snapped her fingers and in a second they were in front of a magnificent castle. Princess Alicia was in wonder seeing the castle.

Fairy godmother spoke, “This is ‘The Castle of the Past”. It is called by that name because it shows good and bad done by people.”

Princess Alicia was elated and curious to go inside the castle. The fairy godmother led the princess to a dining hall which on a table laid food of every kind that fitted for an Emperor. The fairy godmother said she could eat anything and the princess who became rather greedy seeing the food, ate to her heart’s content.  Then, she was led to a rather perplexing room with many ponds filled with crystal clear water. She peeped into one of them and saw her friend Princess Aria was crying.

She asked the godmother, “Why is Aria crying?”

She replied, “She is crying because of you, princess. You laughed at a broken toy of hers and that is why she is crying. Also, that is the reason she didn’t talk to you afterwards.”

Princess Alicia was shocked, ashamed and sad hearing it so she kept silent. She peeped to the next pond and found Princess Evelyn, another friend of hers disconsolate. She asked the same question she asked before from the fairy godmother.

Princess Alicia realized her mistake felt terrible for her friends.

She stammered, ‘Fairy godmother, I…I… I’m so sorry. I was a really rude and a haughty child. I have now realised my mistake. I’m so sorry. I need to somehow make it up and then be a good child.” The fairy godmother said, “That is fine, Princess. I’m glad you realised it.”

Alicia thanked the godmother for making her realise her mistake. “To make it up, I’m organising a feast for all my friends to say sorry.”

Princess Alicia along with the fairy godmother went back home and apologised to her parents for being a bad child. Then, she arranged the feast for her friends the same night and apologised to them. All of her friends forgave her. From that day onwards, Princess Alicia became a generous, caring, kind and a humble child who later became a great queen to Glamoria.

By Methulini Sehasna Mallikarachchi