Stage Two held in Kithulgala on 29 June


Stage Two of the Commonwealth rugby training for both men’s and women’s national teams took place on 29 June in Kithulgala. This was made possible through sponsors Nippon Paint, Signature, Webxpay and True Digital, along with the backing of World Rugby and National Olympic Committee.

The players were pushed beyond limits with challenging activities – river, streams, waterfalls and water rafting.

At the initial stage there was a certain amount of fear which played on their minds, but after motivating them all participants lost their fear. Confidence jumps off waterfalls while holding a rugby ball was a new experience they shared, and they learnt never to give up the ball under any circumstances. They built their self -confidence and trust amongst themselves. Some let go of the ball when they hit the water below, but quickly learned how to grip the ball tight and not let it jump out of their hands.   

Abseiling up waterfalls with ropes was another activity to encourage the never give up attitude. Team members were taken by surprise when rafts were capsized and players were left to save and support their buddies – even if they did not know how to swim.

Participants were debriefed after each event by the SLR management, and shared their learning experience. Players were very grateful for organising such an event as it was a totally new experience for all of them, including team bonding.

No injuries were recorded during training.