Gunaruwan Committee denies recommending suspension


The allegations that the Japan-funded Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, from Dematagoda to Malabe, was suspended on the recommendations of the Gunaruwan Committee is false and a misconception, the committee said.

The Government has failed to act on the report submitted by the four-member committee appointed by the Ministry of Finance in 2020 (Gunaruwan Committee) in accordance to a Cabinet decision to review public investment project proposals, the committee said in a statement.

The committe stressed that the report recommended that public investment projects should only be implemented with a complete feasibility study confirming that thrift investment and efficiency would be achieved adding however that there had been various misleading propaganda without assessing the contents of the report. They noted that the suspension of the Japan-funded LRT project was one such misconception adding that the project was not among the project proposals reviewed by the committee as they only focused on project proposals submitted by the Department of External Resources and the Department of National Planning. “This could be clarified by referring to the report that is in the possession of the Secretary of the Treasury,” they said.

By Bingun Menaka Gamage