Four military personnel arrested over inmate’s death at Kandakadu


Four military personnel belonging to the Sri Lanka Army and the Sri Lanka Airforce were arrested over the death of an inmate at the Kandakadu Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in Welikanda.

The Sergeants arrested, aged between 35 and 39, are believed to have served as counselors at the Centre at the time of the incident, and are due to be produced before Court today (02).

Meanwhile, the postmortem is scheduled to be conducted on Tuesday (05).

Earlier this week, over 600 inmates escaped the Centre on Wednesday (29) after riots broke out with the Police following the suspicious death of an inmate.

Although the Army was later deployed to the scene, inmates refused to let them see the body of the deceased for hours, still in the midst of the chaos created.

The situation was, however, later brought under control.

While nearly all the escapees were arrested in the days that followed, 44 inmates are still on the run. Police have requested that the public contact the OIC of the Welikanda Police Station via 0718591235, in the event any information about these inmates is obtained.