Enabling SME sector to embrace digital adoption vital


Highlighting that Sri Lanka should be mindful of its responsibilities, a senior businessman said that the country should focus on men empowerment, strengthening entrepreneurial culture among rural and urban poor and to support national imperatives.

According to HNB Finance Chairman, Dilshan Rodrigo, such initiatives would drive a production-led economic revival, supporting value addition, supply chain linkages, financial inclusion thereby strengthening the formal economy.

“Growing the SME and micro businesses is a very important aspect of national development, especially in terms of bringing people out of poverty, strengthening the rural economy, creating entrepreneurs, reducing regional economic imbalances, and fostering overall opportunities for employment generation,” he said.

“Enabling the SME sector to embrace digital adoption and transformation provides enormous opportunities for growth and empowerment in terms of improving financial literacy training and creating supply chain linkages by bringing together the farmer or producer with traders and distributors, thereby preventing exploitation by middlemen,” he said. 

By Mario Andree