WB lends USD 90M for Litro to purchase LPG


The World Bank has provided USD 70 million, and another USD 20 million to Litro to purchase 1,000 MT LP gas.

The purchase of gas was ordered by the Ministry of Finance. Accordingly, it would cost USD 90 million, the Prime Minister’s Office said yesterday (30).

This consignment will be enough to supply gas to the country for four months. Also, 70 per cent of the consignment will be provided to domestic consumers. An estimated 5 million 12.5kg cylinders, 1 million 5kg cylinders and 1 million 2.5kg cylinders will be filled with this. The remaining 30 per cent will be provided for commercial use, the statement said.

An initial consignment of 33,000 tonnes of LP gas procured by Litro at a cost of USD 20 million will reach Sri Lanka by the first week of July and distribution will commence immediately.  (SRM)