Trade Union Caucus formed to address crises


A collaboration of trade unions was formed in a bid to formulate policies to manage the current crisis overwhelming several sectors in the country. 

Co-Convener of the National Movement of the Health Professionals (NMHP), Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa yesterday (30 June) compared Sri Lanka to paralysed patient in need of intensive care owing to mismanagement by its political leadership.

“We urgently need those who have practical solutions and professionalism to contribute towards formulating policies required to resolve the crisis that has befallen the health, education, agriculture, power and energy and transport,” he said observing that an internal economic investment programme should be formulated with urgency to overcome the crisis in the economy.  

Dr. Sanjeewa lamented that so called policy and decision makers, who were largely politicised themselves, waived many proposals submitted by professional groups. “But in this instance the NMHP wants to be a part of policy formulation and implementation and not just come up with sets of proposals to be discarded in wastepaper baskets,” he added.   

NMHP Co-Convener Ravi Kumudesh said that Sri Lanka became a sinking ship on 12 April 2022 and invited all Sri Lankans to unite in rescuing the country and bring back its former glory in a very limited time.

Kumudesh said that with the major economic crisis, a result of long-term mismanagement could be reversed if the right thing is done at the right time.

The NMHP also wants to encourage small entrepreneur projects to teach young people how to do a productive business to help the country.
Three powerful references were made with regard to the country’s situation. The first was the referral to what has happened in the country as an ‘Acute on Chronic’ problem. The chronic problem is not having adequate checks and balances in the constitution and administration to ensure our elected politicians cannot be above the law and not adhere to what the people want. Addressing the ‘chronic’ problem is what NMHP have started to do by launching a petition requesting a referendum.

“Then, there was a mention of ‘quality assurance’. This is a unique need at this hour that must be installed in all activities, that includes the use of public funds. There was also a reference to the country’s non-democratic but presumed democratic elections. There is no need to worry about who will govern if the current politicians leave. We only need an election permitted for independent participant candidates without political party representation. We will then get truly patriotic, efficient, representatives elected to the Government who can lead the country,” he added. 

By Dilanthi Jayamanne