Prelates won’t advise politicians in future


Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter, Most Ven.Warakagoda Gnanarathana Maha NayakeThera said as the Buddhist clergy, they have no other alternative but to seek divine intervention to resolve the country’s ongoing crises. The Thera said as Buddhist monks, they had constantly reminded politicians of the threat faced by the country and its citizens some six months ago, but lamented that their advice had fallen on deaf ears.

The Chief Prelate remarked that as it was obvious that politicians are not prepared to heed the advice of Buddhist monks, they will henceforth refrain from proffering advice to politicians, as it was a futile exercise. The Thera was speaking at a religious event held at a Temple in Kandy to mark his birthday, which fell on 28 June.

By Herath Ekanayake — Kandy