Kumbhabhishekham celebration starts tomorrow


The Kumbhabhishekham celebration of Sri Parameswaran Temple, which is the centre focus of the Main Campus of the University of Jaffna near Kailasapathy Auditorium, will start tomorrow (1).

The Chief Priest along with many other visiting priests will perform all worship procedures recommended by Saivagamas with Shraddha and Bhakti.

Sri Parameswaran Temple was first consecrated by Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan as a Prayer Hall of the Salivates of the then Parameswara College in 1928. It is a place of worship where devotees including members of the University Community gather.

Kshetram, Punaravarthana Kumbhabhishekam for all Devatha Murthies and the Gopura will take place on 6 July 2022 under the blessings and guidance of Lord Siva.

Kumbhabhishekham rites extend over several days. The first rite in the series is the honouring of Ganesha, the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles. There will also be prayers to the earth (Vasthusanthi) for providing support and showering blessings on the new building. The priests will tie a thread of blessing and protection (rakshabandhanam) around their wrists as they commit themselves to the rituals ahead. Grains will be planted and sprouted to assure the fruitfulness of the rites (Ankurarpana). The main rites take place inside the new temple. The tent becomes a yagashala, where the powerful rites of consecration are performed around the brick fire altars that have been constructed for the occasion.

Along with the offerings of words, offerings of grain, flowers, spices, honey, and many other substances are poured forth. All are fed into the sacred flames. When the offerings are complete and all the mantras have been uttered, the priests and the community stand for the Purnahuti, the ritual of completion. At the conclusion of the rites, priests will circle the temple in festival procession bearing the largest of the kumbha pots on their heads and sprinkle the waters of consecration over the Linga and all other parivara-Devatha Murthies and Gopura kalasas during the auspicious time fixed for the consecration ceremony.