India might take over industry – FSP


The Cabinet decision to hand over fuel stations to the private sector could be a conspiracy to fully transfer the fuel industry to India, alleged Education Secretary of the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP), Pubudu Jayagoda.

Speaking to the Media yesterday (28), he queried if the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) does not have dollars to open letters of credit to import fuel, how can the private sector have access to USD?

“CPC couldn’t import fuel because the Government couldn’t open letters of credit (LCs) because of the forex crisis. However, IOC does not have that issue. They could directly loan fuel from their mother company in India. They could simply pay off the debt at the end of the year,” Jayagoda claimed.

He also said the relevant Cabinet Paper is missing and added that the Ministry Secretary was unaware of such a Cabinet Paper.

“Trade union representatives including engineers of Sapugaskanda Refinery and CPC went to meet the Minister of Power and Energy to inquire about the missing Cabinet Paper. He was not present. Instead, we met the Ministry Secretary and he denied all knowledge of the Cabinet Paper.”

Usually, the Ministry Secretary hands over the Cabinet Paper affixing his signature, he said.

“Therefore, if the Secretary is saying that he doesn’t know about it, he is either lying or the Cabinet Paper has already been sent,” he alleged.

“The people need to know the truth. This fraudulent government must be ousted. Legal action should be taken against them,” he said.

By Aloka Kasturiarachchi