Govt using fuel crisis to muffle media – Harshana


The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) claimed, the Government is trying to use the fuel crisis to silence journalists and the Media.

Addressing the press briefing, yesterday (29) MP Harshana Rajakaruna inquired from the Government whether the education sector and media aren’t essential.

“The Government always says things that will never be done. They introduced a token system for fuel and then announced that it will only be provided to essential services. We ask whether education is not included as an essential service. Also, whether the Media is essential or not; it is the Media that points out the shortcomings of the Government in this country.

Employees at those media institutions have not been given an opportunity to work as an essential service and the Government avoids these questions because they want to silence the Media indirectly,” he added.

He further pointed out that the Government is not only threatening and attacking journalists but is also keeping them at home by not providing fuel.

Rajakaruna alleged that the Government has done nothing but fill their pockets by creating crises and making emergency purchases.

“When there were blackouts, we saw these emergency purchases; they made a gas queue and pocketed the money and now the current situation is calling for fuel emergency purchases.”

BY Nabiya Vaffoor