Colombo Mayor dismisses proposal


Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake dismissed a proposal submitted to her by UNP members of the CMC to allow its members to obtain 40 litres of fuel monthly from its fuel station, following objections from JVP members.

The UNP members had reportedly made this request to the Mayor to allow CMC members to receive fuel from a filling station in Borella coming under the purview of the CMC.

They had made this request following reprisals from irate members of the public stuck in long fuel queues.

UNP and SLPP members had backed the proposal, while the JVP opposed it.

JVP CMC member Hemantha Weerakoon said if the proposal is to be implemented, then the CMC must allow its entire workforce numbering over 8,500 to also obtain fuel from the fuel station, instead of making it only accessible to CMC members.

Finally, Mayor Senanayake said as there are objections to the proposal, she will be submitting it to the CMC Finance Committee for perusal.

By Amith Gamage