Family background report scrapped


Cabinet has decided to remove the requirement of a family background report for female migrant domestic workers.

For years, females with children aged two or over have had to submit the compulsory family background report to be eligible for foreign domestic work.

Several international reports published regarding protecting women’s rights point out that women’s rights are impacted due to the mandatory requirement of submitting a family background report to confirm that the children of the female migrant workers who leave for domestic work abroad are not less than five years. In addition, in some instances, it has been reported that females planning to work abroad face inconveniences due to delays by certain officers, although all prerequisites are met.

Some females who did not meet the prerequisites went overseas illegally without any supervision and encountered numerous issues, according to reports. Meanwhile, Cabinet last week approved amending the minimum age of females who plan to take up employment overseas to 21 years. The proposal was submitted by Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara. (TR)