Authorities created fuel crisis to fulfil agenda – CEB Gen Secy


General Secretary of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Union Ranjan Jayalal accused authorities of creating the fuel crisis with an underlying motive.

Speaking to the Media, Jayalal further added that the ongoing power cuts will continue for at least another two years if the current administration continues to remain in power.

He argued that the conspiracy, or rather the underlying motive, was to instil in the public the idea that petrol stations owned by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) should be sold to foreign companies so, they can provide better services.

He added that by virtue of their actions, the current Government is trying to convince the people that ‘selling the country and its resources’ is the only way out of Sri Lanka’s crises.

Thus, Jayalal added that the current delay in the arrival of the fuel consignment is also a cog in this machine.

By Rebecca Pavey