Aussie skipper says ‘we’re seeing the effects’


The visiting Test skipper of Team Australia, Pat Cummins, said they have certainly seen the effects of the economic crisis in Sri Lanka. 

“We are so lucky to come here and experience Sri Lanka pretty normally to how we would have experienced it. I was on a call yesterday and was chatting to some young girl cricketers. They’re down to one meal a day and are going to school a couple of days a week because the teachers can’t get to school.

They’re from a fishing village and a lot of them can’t go out to fish because they have no petrol,” said Cummins, ahead of the first Test match in Galle.  The Australian team has been touring in Sri Lanka throughout the past month. They played matches in Colombo, Kandy, Hambanthota and Galle.

In Galle, the public had lined up around the cricket ground in protest, demanding gas, and said they will not move until they are provided refills.

“We are certainly seeing the effects. Even in the buses we are seeing the queues – kilometres-long around petrol stations. That has really hit home for us. No matter what the result is, we are in a really privileged position and there are lots of people that are making this happen for us to have a bit of fun and go out and play cricket. So, we are really lucky,” added Cummins.

The Australian team are doing their fair share to help Sri Lanka in this situation. They have posted videos appealing to help Sri Lanka, while doing their share to promote tourism. Cummins used his own social media to do so. The Australian team received much appreciation for the work they did, visiting Sri Lanka during this time. Lots of fans cheered them wearing yellow during the fifth ODI.

“That fifth ODI I have never seen anything like it, I am not sure we have ever given that much support to a travelling team in Australia. We’ve been following it closely. It is something we spoke about in our team meetings as well,” said Cummins. 

By Anjana Kaluarachchi in Galle