Amaraweera to request 20M litres of diesel


Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera will submit a note to Cabinet for the allocation of about 20 million litres of diesel for the 2022 Yala season harvesting and for the transportation of urea fertiliser.

Accordingly, 20,275,000 litres will be requested for the above purpose.

He said over 4,77,000 hectares of paddy lands have been cultivated islandwide during the 2022 Yala season and that harvesting will begin in the third week of June 2022 in many parts of the island until the second week of October.

“Over 95 per cent of harvesting is done by machine. If the paddy harvest is not done on time or if there is any delay, large-scale crop damage may occur. Therefore, timely harvesting should be done,” he said.

Further, fuel is also required to supply the seeds produced by the Department of Agriculture to 44 establishments, including seed farms and distribution centres, for harvesting together with transporting the seeds to the farmers, he added.

He added that fuel will also be required for the distribution of urea fertiliser due to be received from India to 566 Agrarian Service Centres using 2,000 lorries. (FT)