Train services face disruption


The Sri Lanka Railway Station Masters’ Union has warned that train services may be disrupted in the future due to the inability of station masters and junior staff involved in train operations at the Railway Department to reach work stations.

General Secretary of the Union Kasun Chamara said due to the fuel crisis, a large number of people who previously used private transportation have now switched to public transportation. “As an organisation, we recognise that the country’s current fuel crisis is a problem that affects the entire population.

Some government employees were even given fuel, but no employee attached to railways service was given fuel, and the train service may be disrupted in the future due to the inability to reach work stations,” he said. In addition, he noted that, while the government has provided various reliefs to public employees in the aftermath of the fuel crisis, none of these concessions have been implemented for railway employees.

“There are signs that trains carrying more commuters will come to a halt in the future if more care is not taken with regard to the railway workers who serve the majority of the commuters. We look forward to informing the Minister of Transport to provide relief to our employees in the face of this fuel crisis through weekly calls to work, as we did during the previous Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

By Thameenah Razeek