Token System Fails to Take Effect


Despite Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera’s statement that a token system would be issued to the people who come to filling stations to obtain fuel from yesterday (27), it has been revealed that many petrol stations were unaware of the proposed system.

Ceylon Today observed that many motorists were seen queuing up to get tokens. The people allege that they now have to wait in queues not only to get fuel but also to get tokens.

The crippling fuel shortage in the country has severely affected the lives of the people, and the three-wheeler services operating in Colombo and suburbs have also been disrupted.

Addressing a special media briefing on Sunday (26), the Minister said the three Armed Forces will deploy security personnel, as well as the Police, at every petrol station and tokens will be issued to the people in the fuel queues from yesterday (27).

He also stated the telephone number of the person for whom the token is issued will be recorded when the token is issued.

“They will be given tokens in the order in which they are waiting in the queue. When you get that token, the phone number is recorded and that token cannot be exchanged. It is given in a way that is unique to the filling station,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister said the exact date of the arrival of the next fuel shipment cannot be announced.

By Tharaka Samman