Pan Asia Bank ties up with Ria


As The Truly Sri Lankan Bank, Pan Asia Bank continues to add value to customer experience. In its latest customer-centric initiative, Pan Asia Bank is partnering with Ria Money Transfer, the US based third-largest remittance platform in the world, to offer its customers a wider choice of low-cost money transfer channels.

With a worldwide network of 507,000 branches in 160 countries, Ria is an easily accessible and reliable way for Sri Lankans working abroad to send their remittances to Sri Lanka. Their loved ones can visit any Pan Asia Bank branch and collect the remittance in cash. The new partnership between Pan Asia Bank and Ria will offer greater customer convenience while also serving to achieve a goal of national importance – bringing in precious foreign exchange.

This secure and speedy money transfer service will help expand the Bank’s customer base while extending them easy reach and access. Customers enjoy an additional Rs 2 for every dollar that is sent and an extra Rs 1,000 for transactions that are above Rs 20,000 as per the Central Bank of Sri Lanka directive.